Friday, March 16, 2007


When will my country die for me?

---attributed to Grace Slick

If violence is contagious, then, I think, so must be its antithesis -- compassion, decency, tolerance. It's difficult to broadcast those examples, especially when it's easier to sell advertising on CNN when all your news stories are about terror and destruction.

---Megan Neuringer

In fact, there is some evidence that the ubiquitous moral injunction to think positively may place an additional burden on the already sick or otherwise aggrieved. Not only are you failing to get better but you're failing to not feel good about not getting better. Similarly for the long-term unemployed, who . . . are informed by career coaches and self-help books that their principle battle is against their own negative, resentful, loser-like feelings. This is victim-blaiming at its cruelest, and may help account for the passivity of Americans in the face of repeated economic insult.

---Barbara Ehrenreich
(from "Pathologies of Hope", Harper's February 2007)


Anonymous said...

1) Your blog is now a taupe color.
Did you change it or is the White House on to you? (Get it?)
2) When exactly did she say that? Or is it something she recently wrote. I've not read it on her blog. Then again, maybe it is written elsewhere. Like where perhaps? And if it's there, could there be more??

michael the tubthumper said...

good selection

Ari Jackson said...

Dude, if you dont love america why dont you leave? Oh wait.... Keir man, in a boredd moment at work I googled you to see if you were still playing music and I found this rant of a blog. I love it. Good to see that some of us are still pissed off. I'll send you a pic of my 2 year old son holding up a placard that reads May honest dissent never be mistaken for disloyal subversion" at our local commemeration of year #4. It made front page of the Brattleboro Reformer. I personally have nothing against disloyal subversion, but you get the point. emaail me